Become an actor
of your health !


In line with the plan “My health 2022”, Hygia is a collaborative solution which allows to improve the collaboration between the patient and the health professionals.

Our goal is to put the patient back to the heart of care. We want to empower him by offering him a digital health space and a mastery on his medical data.

By improving the collaboration between the patient and healthcare professionals, and thanks to new technologies, Hygia aims to give the doctor time to cure, improve the quality of care and improve the follow-up of the patient path.

Our objectives

Whether at the political level, but also in culture, the world of health is in change and we want to be part of this revolution.

Give the doctor time to treat

Over the last ten years, France has lost 10% of its doctors. At the same time, the population has increased by 10%. In addition, we are dealing with an aging population which is more seeking care.

A patient actor of his health

Today, the patient is passive in his health. In the waiting room for example, the patient is waiting. He is the only actor to experience all the stages of the course care. The political will to empower it is not enough.

Better exchange between systems

Today, health systems do not communicate with each other. The “DMP” is struggling to install and publishers do not want to give access to their tools.
How to so that everything communicates? A big debate …

Become an actor
of your health !

Our offer

The Hygia ecosystem is now built around 3 pillars.

Our turnkey solution for the doctor, to prepare the consultation and save time thanks to connected objects and new technologies. The goal is to give back time to the doctor to cure. By preparing the consultation, we help to treat more patients with improved quality of care.

Our health app, available on all platforms, with features such as document scanning, a chatbot, a digital health record, etc. The goal is to give the patient the tools to control his health data. By bringing the latest web technologies into a simple web application, we want to simplify the patient’s life and integrate it in the course of care.

Notre plateforme d’échange et stockage de données au format FHIR,
pour favoriser l’interopérabilité de notre environnement de santé. Le patient est le seul acteur qui participe à toutes les étapes du parcours de soin. Cela parait évident de faire de lui le porteur de l’information pour favoriser l’échange des données et donc l’interopérabilité.

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